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Chapter 7: The central, Gaussian, or normal distribution

  • p. 200, eqn. (7.2): There is a spurious comma on the second line of the equation, just before ``$+$.''

  • p. 222, eqn. (7.52): I believe the term ``$\alpha C_1$'' should be ``$i \alpha C_1$.''

  • p. 222, eqn. (7.53), third line: I believe `` $(y - n \langle x\rangle
x)$'' should be `` $(y - n \langle x \rangle)$.''

  • p. 222, editor's exercise 7.5, third line from bottom: ``theory'' should be ``theorem.''

  • p. 226, second paragraph: ``This simple calculation can be greatly generalized, as indicated by Exercise 7.5. But we note an important proviso to be investigated in Exercise 7.6.'' This should be exercises 7.6 and 7.7 instead of 7.5 and 7.6.

  • p. 239, first line: ``Following up the idea in Section 7.2.5''. That should be ``Section 7.25''.

Miscellaneous commentary

  • p. 234, section 7.22, first line: Modern scholars appear to spell Halley's first name as ``Edmond''. [Contributed by Nick Cox.]
  • p. 240, fourth paragraph: The new historical study suggested has been provided by William H. Kruskal and Stephen M. Stigler (Normative terminology: `normal' in statistics and elsewhere. In Bruce D. Spencer (ed.) Statistics and public policy, Oxford University Press, 85-111, 1997; also revised (no subtitle) in Stephen M. Stigler, Statistics on the table: The history of statistical concepts and methods, Harvard University Press, Cambridge, MA, 1999). [Contributed by Nick Cox.]

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